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By Joel Mandelbaum

5 May 25, 2022

Amazing Resource for your CVOR!

Chris's knowledge and experience in this space is hard to match. If you are looking to acquire your CVOR license, look no further. The value and education you will receive from his courses is significantly greater than the small investment. Do it once, do it right and get it done!
By sh gh

5 Apr 21, 2022
Today I passed my CVOR exam. THANK YOU for your super helpful course.
By Shu-Yan

5 Apr 20, 2022

Benefited greatly!

I did sign up for your excellent CVOR practice course, and benefited greatly! As a corporate officer of my son's single-driver owner-operator company, I took and passed the CVOR test.
By Nick H

5 Apr 20, 2022

Top of the line

Chris is your GO-TO guy for CVOR, Safety and Compliance assistance. Don't call anybody else, call Chris!
By Miriam Worley

5 Mar 30, 2022

CVOR Review for Audit

Chris was very thorough, efficient, and professional in helping us change our CVOR rating. He helped develop solutions that fit for our operation, and the entire process was completed much more quickly than expected - a big thank you!
By Sheldon Hayes

5 Mar 15, 2022

Very Clear Presentation

Hi Chris, Great job on the webinar – very clear presentation of the material and while I was pretty familiar with the report, it was still a benefit to attend. Let me give some thought about suggested topics.
By David Walia - President

5 Mar 15, 2022

CVOR Down :)

With the guidance and assistance of Safety Dawg, WFS Transport has been able to reduce our CVOR "Over All Violation Threshold" from a number that was uncomfortably and drawing unwanted attention to us, to now a number in the low teens. My insurer is happy, and my drivers are receiving much less attention from the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO). The freight is moving smoothly.
By Ray Haight - Haight Consulting

5 Mar 15, 2022


Ray says it short and sweet, "Great Job!"