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By Jon Verified Review

5 10 days ago

CVOR test

The practice test is exactly what you need to fully understand the exam! It made writing easy! Thanks Chris!
Reply by CVOR Safety Dawg 10 days ago
Thanks so much, Jon
By Kevin Verified Review

5 11 days ago

Passed first attempt!

Wrote the practice tests at home until I aced it 3 times in a row, went to drive dest the following morning and passed! Thanks Chris! Kevin North Bay, Ontario
Reply by CVOR Safety Dawg 11 days ago
Thanks Kevin
By Al Prokopchuk Verified Review

5 11 days ago

Old Commercial Driver still learning.....

I found this test so valuable and informative that I learned a lot of important information that is crucial to having a CVOR. There's a saying, "Knowledge is Power" and there is nothing wrong with learning something new everyday and passing on that knowledge.
Reply by CVOR Safety Dawg 11 days ago
thanks Al
By alex vargas Verified Review

5 11 days ago

Very good

Nice tests. Is the best. Thanks
Reply by CVOR Safety Dawg 11 days ago
thank you Alex
By Sajan Mathew Verified Review

5 3 months ago

CVOR Test Paased at First attempt

The class are point to point.So easy to understandable. Day before my exam, i took the class,one day i spent for class and mock test. Next day i took CVOR test passed with 26 correct answer. Thank you.
Reply by CVOR Safety Dawg 3 months ago
Thank you for your review. I really appreciate your words.
By Christopher Hengeveld Verified Review

5 5 months ago

Failed audit

I found out the hard way that keeping up on daily inspections and having our vehicles saftied every year was not enough to keep our small landscape company in the good books with the MTO. A failed facility audit left us with a conditional safety rating and a company no one wanted to insure. Chris turned our tangled mess of scattered paperwork into a complete and concise collection of policies and forms that I must say I'm quite proud of. The MTO seemed to appreciate them as well as they upgraded our safety rating back to Satisfactory after reviewing our changes. Chris is a master at his work and as a bonus he's a nice guy as well. If you need help with anything MTO, this is your guy.
Reply by CVOR Safety Dawg 5 months ago
Thank you for your kind words Christopher!!
By Grant Browning Verified Review

5 5 months ago

Worth the investment!

Chris's training system and practice test is brilliant! It helped make the real test a breeze! Grant Browning Canada Brush Control Ltd. Mattawa, Ontario
Reply by CVOR Safety Dawg 5 months ago
Brice, thank for taking the time to leave a review and for your kind words.
By Rosanne Ballast Verified Review

5 7 months ago

Worth the Money

So I purchased the package for the CVOR test preparation. Not only did it completely prepare me for the test, I also have valuable information for my company so I do not make any mistakes when it comes to putting everything in place for the practical side of things. We just started into this CVOR world so there is alot to learn. The practice test completely prepared me. Passed my first time 28/30. Very happy with everything.
Reply by CVOR Safety Dawg 7 months ago
Thank You Rosanne for the kind words. Really appreciate you!
By Harp S Verified Review

5 7 months ago

Best Practice Test Ever

This Practice test is worth it really. One of my friend studied on his own and he didn’t know about this practice test. He failed 3 times. I called Chris last month regarding CVOR and he said he has a practice test online on which I practiced on couple of time, went to the drive test centre & passed the first try. 28/30 Honestly I only used the practice test
Reply by CVOR Safety Dawg 7 months ago
Harp, Thank You for the wonderful and kind words.
By Nasir Awan Verified Review

5 7 months ago

CVOR Written Test

Hello Chris Good Afternoon, I would like to send you a quick thank you. I take my online test at DriverTest Centre today morning and I would never have passed if it wasn’t for your CVOR Practice Test. It was almost over 80% from practice test, they just twisted few questions to make them tricky and you know what I passed it in the 1st try. I will recommend your practice test to anyone I know that may need to get registered for CVOR. Nasir Awan DriverSeat Ottawa.
Reply by CVOR Safety Dawg 7 months ago
Nasir, Thank You very much for your kind words of encouragement.