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By Habib Sow Verified Review

5 3 months ago

CVOR Prep Test

Your test is awesome. I was able to finish the actual within 5 mins and passed on the first go! Thanks
Reply by CVOR Safety Dawg 2 months ago
Thank You for your kind words.
By Rod Slagter Verified Review

5 4 months ago

CVOR Prep Test

Chris was super-helpful! Took my phone call immediately! Knew the problem and gave me answers right then! Highly recommend him.
Reply by CVOR Safety Dawg 2 months ago
Thanks for the comment. I do try my best to answer the phone. lol
By Angelo Condello Verified Review

4 4 months ago

CVOR preparation

I was required to get a CVOR licence. It quickly became more difficult that expected. Simply reading the MTO manual wasn't enough to pass the written test. Safety Dawg's course and practice test enabled me to pass over 90% with just 1 weekend of study. Thank you Chris for making it simple. (Safety Dawg Simple)
Reply by CVOR Safety Dawg 4 months ago
Angelo, you very kind. Thank you!
By Serhii Verified Review

5 7 months ago
It was very useful for me, I passed on the first try. Thank you very much.
Reply by CVOR Safety Dawg 4 months ago
Thanks Serhii for your comments.
By Gowrishan Jeyakumar Verified Review

5 8 months ago

Your help made all the difference

Hey Chris, I wanted to thank you for your support during my CVOR journey. With your guidance, I studied the course material twice and successfully passed the exam today with a score of 29/30 on my first attempt. Your help made all the difference. Once again thank you…,
Reply by CVOR Safety Dawg 8 months ago
You are very kind Gowrishan. Than you.
By Gabor Radno Verified Review

5 11 months ago

CVOR test passed 1st time

You saved me a lot of time, trouble, and money by simplifying the study process and to get the knowledge I needed to know to pass this test the first time. Thanks Chris
Reply by CVOR Safety Dawg 11 months ago
Thank You!!!
By Jamal Hashmi Verified Review

5 Jun 17, 2023


Thank you very much Chris for developing a great practice questionnaire for CVOR. Extremely helpful in understanding the safety requirements of authorities and practicing questions at Safety Dawg Web. As per the officer at the Test Center: usually people attempt 4-5 times to pass the test. I passed the test on my first attempt. Thanks to our Lord and thanks to you for all the hard work in developing a great CVOR program at Safety Dawg website. I recommend Safety Dawg's CVOR package to everyone who is looking to gain required knowledge, pass CVOR test and achieve certification in a short time. Thank you & all the best Chris. Jamal Hashmi (Managing Director)
Reply by CVOR Safety Dawg Jun 19, 2023
A huge Thank You to Jamal and When I'm next in Etobicoke I will stop by and say Hi.
By Jack Garvie Verified Review

5 Apr 1, 2023

It's worth it!

It helped me prepare for the CVOR exam and pass! Thank you!
Reply by CVOR Safety Dawg Jun 19, 2023
Thank You Jack
By Pooja Sarkar Verified Review

5 Feb 21, 2023


Absolutely Great experience! Thank You so much for your help Chris.I have passed the CVOR test in first attempt!!! Cheers to Chris The Safety Dawg !! Pooja
Reply by CVOR Safety Dawg Feb 22, 2023
Thank you Pooja, and Congratulations
By Angela Verified Review

5 Feb 14, 2023


Great experience! Easy to navigate the website , the videos are straight forward , to the point. Chris was quick to respond to inquiries, and helpful. If you’re looking to pass CVOR first try , I highly recommend! Angela G. Southern Ontario
Reply by CVOR Safety Dawg Feb 14, 2023
Thank you Angela, I really appreciate your comments.