By Jamal Hashmi

5 8 months ago


Thank you very much Chris for developing a great practice questionnaire for CVOR. Extremely helpful in understanding the safety requirements of authorities and practicing questions at Safety Dawg Web. As per the officer at the Test Center: usually people attempt 4-5 times to pass the test. I passed the test on my first attempt. Thanks to our Lord and thanks to you for all the hard work in developing a great CVOR program at Safety Dawg website. I recommend Safety Dawg's CVOR package to everyone who is looking to gain required knowledge, pass CVOR test and achieve certification in a short time. Thank you & all the best Chris. Jamal Hashmi (Managing Director)

Reply by CVOR Safety Dawg 8 months ago
A huge Thank You to Jamal and When I'm next in Etobicoke I will stop by and say Hi.